Therapy 19111 70 - Beige

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Merinos Therapy Saçaklı Halı

Merinos Halı Therapy Serisi Evinize İyi Gelecek

- Metrekare de 1.500.000 ilme ucu sıklığındadır,
- Pamuk çözgüdür,
- 2019 Yeni Model,
- Özel viscon iplik ile üretilmiştir,
- 12 mm hav yüksekliğindedir,
- Modern Saçaklı Halıdır,
- Kırılma yapmaz, Katlanabilme özelliğine sahiptir
  •   Produced with the latest technology machines.
  •   Easy to wash and protect shape.
  •   Resistance to mobility, oil and chemicals.
  •   Excellent durability to paint in bright colors.
  •   High durability against sunlight.
  •   Naturalness and warmth in appearance and touch.
  •   Acrylic is a kind of fiber that can give a wool look and feel with its structure, is resistant to mildew and has high sunlight resistance.
  •   Acrylic carpet does not stain.
  •   It has a texture similar to a Wool Carpet, which has an important place in Turkish Carpet culture.
  •   To prevent surface degradation after use, Hot and steam fixing process has been done.
  •   It doesn’t leave knee traces on the carpet. Becomes beautiful after use and shines after cleaning.
  •   Color does not horse and does not fade.
  •   Because it is not wool, it cannot eat clothes moths.
Products specifications
Material Acrylic