Pastel Kids Rug 21961 110

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MerinosUK Youth/Kid's Collection !

İp özelliği: %100 Polipropilen (100% Polyester)
İlmek sıklığı: 290.000 points/m2
İp yüksekliği (Hav):13 mm (Height)
Ağırlık: M2 + - 3,000 g / m² (Weight)

Antialerjik özelligi vardır.

Made In 'Turkey'.

Polyester fibers are not as flexible as nylon, because of its nature.Carpets made from polyester fiber will perform well if they are well made.

Polyester carpets, provides exceptional softness and color clarity. Polyester fibers are easy to clean and it is also naturally resistant to stains and discoloration.

As they are resistant to crushing and are in a wide variety of dynamic colors, provides many advantages to carpets made from polyester fiber.

Polyester fiber, which is cheaper than nylon or wool, creates a very attractive carpet. Compared weight Polyester carpets are generally less expensive than nylon.

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Material Polyester
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