Living Room, Bedroom & Hallway

A must have for comfort and style and the perfect finishing touch to any room! We have beautiful rugs to suit all spaces, styles and rooms large or small.

The living room is the social hub of a home, so making sure it is suitable for guests and gatherings is essential. If you think your lounge could do with an injection of colour and warmth, a living room rug could really transform your space.

 When it comes to interior design in your home, first impressions count and what better way to make the right impact on arrival in your home than in your hallway. The fabrics used in our hall runners are designed to be durable and stylish so you can benefit from added style and colour that will last.

Why not take a closer look at our extensive range of rugs to find the best one for your home

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Sultan 8900 70 - Biege


Sultan 8900 95 - Grey


Sultan 8901 95 - Grey


Sultan 8902 70 - Biege


Sultan 8903 95 - Grey


Sultan 8904 96 - Multi