What should I pay attention to when choosing a carpet?
It is important to choose your carpet according to the characteristics of the area you wish to use it in. For traffic-intensive and frequently used areas, it is advisable to select carpets that will maintain the long-term pattern and color quality. The other factors to be considered when choosing carpets are the decoration style of your house, the amount of light, the preferred colors and the humidity rate.


How should the daily care of the carpet should be?
Regular cleaning is important for long-term use of the carpets. Sweep your carpets at least twice a week with a powerful vacuum cleaner. If the use of your carpet is heavy traffic, we recommend that your sweep the carpet every day.


Furnitures are leaving traces on my carpet, what do I have to do?
First of all, we recommend that you do not put heavy objects on your carpets.Be sure to change the place of the items on your carpets at certain intervals. Items left in the same place for a long time will deform the surface of the carpets.


Hot tea/coffee spilled on my carpet, what do I have to do?
We advise you to pay attention not to spill any substance at 70 ° C or above on your carpet or to make contact with hot floor. (Hot water, tea, coffee, iron, etc.) In these cases, liquid spilled on the carpet must immediately be absorbed and held with a absorbent cloth, a paper towel or a vacuum cleaner.


The color of my carpet looks different from every angle, is there a problem?
The shadows seen on the carpet are not a production-related problem. It is inevitable that there will be differences between places where there is a difference in usage intensity on the carpet surface. This will become even more evident especially when carpets are flat and open grounds. In order to prevent this situation the location of your carpet must be changed at certain intervals.

If the carpet has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, the color may change. This can be avoided by changing the position of the carpet when exposed to direct sunlight or by using a window curtain at times when direct sunlight is taken.


My carpets fur is falling, what should I do?
It is inevitable that some fur is fallen while it is made of cut fibers. If it is swept regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner, this will be reduced in a very short time.